Pass in 5 Days Clacton


This intensive driving course will be taken in Clacton, Essex. To be able to join us for a quick 5 day pass you must complete your theory test beforehand.

One of our Instructors will then take you out for an Assessment and decide how many hours you need. After completing the assessment you will then be able to start your 5 day course.

The Driving course will be over 5 days, so expect to drive for more than 4 hours per day. There will be refreshment breaks at regular intervals. Our Instructors will work with you and your needs so they can get the best performance out of each pupil.

Intensive Courses Available

40 Hour course = £960 saving you £80

30 Hour course = £720 saving you £60

20 Hour course = £480 Saving you £40.


Residential courses

We also offer residential driving courses which can be completed in Colchester, Ipswich, Clacton or Chelmsford.

Some pupils prefer to learn away from home so this is an option we offer, the prices are exactly the same as pass in 5 days. If this is an option you would like we can take the stress away from you and book your test and find accommodation to suit your budget and needs whilst you learn with us.

This is a perfect option for a new starter or someone of intermediate level of driving, but not so suitable for a learner who’s near driving test ready.