Learning to Drive with Anxiety

Here at Steer we go learners we want you to know that we cater for all learners even those of you with all types of Anxiety.

Let us introduce you to Michelle.


I am Michelle I’m the Anxiety Specialist at Steer We Go Learners and have spent many years training and learning to coach people with anxiety around driving. I have gained many qualifications over the years including Diplomas in Anxiety, Autism, Life coaching, Emotional freedom technique for nerves and anxiety.

I will be here to help and support you through your journey, I have amazing reviews online which your welcome to read through and has helped many people with anxiety get through the learning to drive journey.


Over the past few years I’ve been helping people who are held back by the anxiety they feel about driving, providing a safe, trusted and supportive environment within which they are able to investigate, experiment and learn how to cope with their anxiety around driving.

No two persons’ experience of anxiety are alike.  The root cause of driving anxiety will be different for each individual – it may be the fear of causing an accident, perhaps the fear of making a mistake, or even fear of sitting in the car with someone they don’t know. In fact the list of reasons is as diverse as the people who experience anxiety, it’s different for everyone.

And it’s just as likely that a sufferer has no idea why they feel like they do about driving, especially when in other areas of life they may be supremely confident.

The process of learning to drive can be both exciting and stressful. For some, it can trigger a real sense of anxiety which is hard to shake and can hamper your progress. We get it there are lots of new things to learn, it costs quite a bit of money, and you may even feel the burden of other peoples’ expectations weighing you down.

When you see it laid out like that, it’s no wonder people get so nervous about driving! If you feel this way, it’s highly likely that you are overthinking everything and putting too much pressure on yourself.

Now, this is very easy for us to point out, but not so easy to overcome. The good news is that there are many things within your control that you can adjust to make the learning process smoother and more enjoyable.


I continue to work hard, learning and developing new techniques and I am confident that I can help you obtain your freedom.

You must really want to break through your driving anxiety because you’ve searched and found this message, so I encourage you to dig deep and be extra courageous by giving me a call for a chat about how you feel about driving.

The time is now to get your freedom.

Here are some of Michelle’s happy customers!


Call us now to enquire about driving lessons with Michelle on 07504 844439