Meet the Instructors


Paul Johnson Driving Instructor


Hi my name is Paul I am a fully approved driving instructor in Colchester. I’ve been a instructor in Colchester for many years, covering Colchester and the surrounding areas.

I’ve always loved training and coaching and I have had immense success since becoming a driving instructor. I’ve taught people to pass the driving test yet I also train driving instructors for their Part 2 & 3 driving instructor tests.

I’m patient and jovial and have been told I have a great teaching style from all my students. I look forward to teaching you!




Female driving Instructor - Michelle

Hi my name is Michelle, I am a driving instructor in Colchester. I have lived in Colchester all my life and have worked in and around the Colchester area over the years.

I have worked in retail in various roles including management and cash office. I have also worked in admin and the post office so have a wide range of experience. I have spent a lot of time training colleagues which I enjoy and coaching people to help them reach their full potential and helping them to develop.

I’ve always loved training and Coaching and I am looking forward to helping you learn a new life skill and helping you to become a safe and confident driver.

I am patient, professional and adaptable. I look forward to being part of your journey and teaching you to drive.



Hi my Name is Raja and I am from Sri Lanka yet have been living in the UK for many years.

I’m Married with 2 Beautiful children and I’m very Passionate about teaching people to drive. I’ve spent many hours on the UK roads and have a wealth of experience in Instructing and I really look forward to meeting you all and helping you obtain your Driving Licence



Hello everyone! My name is Lewis and I’m a driving instructor based in the Colchester area. In a nut shell, I enjoy the simple things in life, beach days, walks in the woods and spending time with my nearest and dearest! People would describe me to be calm, understanding and personable. I have lived and worked in Colchester most of my life. I know the roads well and it’s the city I trained to become a driver and driving instructor. Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best!



Hi Everyone my Name is Martin. 

My driving experience started at about the age of 9 on tractors and I had gained lots of practice driving different vehicles on the family farm long before I got my first license on the day of my 16th birthday. I had my first motorbike ready to go that morning, ( no L plates or any other safety measures required in rural Ireland back then, I would have a serious talk with my 16 year old self now). I have always had a passion for older vehicles and I have a few classic cars and bikes now that I get great pleasure from both driving and restoring. I have been in construction most of my life before taking the step towards becoming a Driving Instructor which I love. Having taught my own children to drive and lived to tell the tale, 

I really look forward to developing driving skills and sharing my experience amongst the next generation of drivers.




Instructor Robbie

Hi my name is Robbie and I am a fully qualified driving instructor based in the Clacton on Sea area.

I have a vast customer service background, this has provided me with lots of patience and the ability to train others.

I am also a professional DJ. Music means a lot to me. Nothing more relaxing than music!

I look forward to teaching you to drive and bringing you to the standard needed to pass a driving test.





Driving Instructor - Brad

Hi I’m Brad

I can drive anything… only things I can’t drive are a tank and a plane and I’m working on the tank!

I like driving, have done since I got my license and love being able to drive on a long journey with music going- it makes you feel free.

I’ve started this journey to be a driving instructor because I like helping people achieve their goals, and teaching people to drive is giving them a life skill that helps them better not only their lives but also their career in some cases.

A bit about myself: I love learning new things and meeting new people and finding out things people’s interests and likes. I myself am into wrestling and anything Marvel or DC, so I can get a bit nerdy!

I have a good, kind laid back nature that I think helps with anyone who may have a bit of anxiety or is nervous to even get behind the wheel of a car.

My aim is to help you get out on the road and enjoy driving just like I do.




Hi I’m Rachel,

I’m a driving instructor based in Colchester. I’ve lived here for 10 years and know the roads well from being a taxi to my children.

I am a family centred person, with four children. I have prevously worked in schools, 1:1 with special needs. I’ve also worked in adult supported living and as a residential care worker.

I am a calm natured and nurturing person, very patient and good at understanding other people. I am good at adapting my teaching style to suit different learning.




Driving Instructor Barry

Barry Blackwood
You will be missed

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