Meet the Instructors


Paul Johnson Driving Instructor


My name is Paul and I am the Owner and Creator of Steer we Go Learners Driving School.

Over many years i have taught hundreds of people how to drive and I’ve Trained and helped many people in becoming a Driving Instructor.

I no longer teach driving to learners however I’m still here teaching and Supporting Driving Instructors.

I’m also the guy answering the phone line so hopefully I’ll speak to you all soon.




Female driving Instructor - Michelle

Hi my name is Michelle, I am a driving instructor in Colchester. I have lived in Colchester all my life and have worked in and around the Colchester area over the years.

I have worked in retail in various roles including management and cash office. I have also worked in admin and the post office so have a wide range of experience. I have spent a lot of time training colleagues which I enjoy and coaching people to help them reach their full potential and helping them to develop.

I’ve always loved training and Coaching and I am looking forward to helping you learn a new life skill and helping you to become a safe and confident driver.

I am patient, professional and adaptable. I look forward to being part of your journey and teaching you to drive.



Hi my Name is Raja and I am from Sri Lanka yet have been living in the UK for many years.

I’m Married with 2 Beautiful children and I’m very Passionate about teaching people to drive. I’ve spent many hours on the UK roads and have a wealth of experience in Instructing and I really look forward to meeting you all and helping you obtain your Driving Licence



Hello everyone! My name is Lewis and I’m a driving instructor based in the Colchester area. In a nut shell, I enjoy the simple things in life, beach days, walks in the woods and spending time with my nearest and dearest! People would describe me to be calm, understanding and personable. I have lived and worked in Colchester most of my life. I know the roads well and it’s the city I trained to become a driver and driving instructor. Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best!



Hi Everyone my Name is Martin. 

My driving experience started at about the age of 9 on tractors and I had gained lots of practice driving different vehicles on the family farm long before I got my first license on the day of my 16th birthday. I had my first motorbike ready to go that morning, ( no L plates or any other safety measures required in rural Ireland back then, I would have a serious talk with my 16 year old self now). I have always had a passion for older vehicles and I have a few classic cars and bikes now that I get great pleasure from both driving and restoring. I have been in construction most of my life before taking the step towards becoming a Driving Instructor which I love. Having taught my own children to drive and lived to tell the tale, 

I really look forward to developing driving skills and sharing my experience amongst the next generation of drivers.




Instructor Robbie

Hi my name is Robbie and I am a fully qualified driving instructor based in the Clacton on Sea area.

I have a vast customer service background, this has provided me with lots of patience and the ability to train others.

I am also a professional DJ. Music means a lot to me. Nothing more relaxing than music!

I look forward to teaching you to drive and bringing you to the standard needed to pass a driving test.





Driving Instructor - Brad

Hi I’m Brad

I can drive anything… only things I can’t drive are a tank and a plane and I’m working on the tank!

I like driving, have done since I got my license and love being able to drive on a long journey with music going- it makes you feel free.

I’ve started this journey to be a driving instructor because I like helping people achieve their goals, and teaching people to drive is giving them a life skill that helps them better not only their lives but also their career in some cases.

A bit about myself: I love learning new things and meeting new people and finding out things people’s interests and likes. I myself am into wrestling and anything Marvel or DC, so I can get a bit nerdy!

I have a good, kind laid back nature that I think helps with anyone who may have a bit of anxiety or is nervous to even get behind the wheel of a car.

My aim is to help you get out on the road and enjoy driving just like I do.




Hi I’m Rachel,

I’m a driving instructor based in Colchester. I’ve lived here for 10 years and know the roads well from being a taxi to my children.

I am a family centred person, with four children. I have prevously worked in schools, 1:1 with special needs. I’ve also worked in adult supported living and as a residential care worker.

I am a calm natured and nurturing person, very patient and good at understanding other people. I am good at adapting my teaching style to suit different learning.


Hi I’m Pauline

I have always loved teaching people to develop new skills and to help them grow in confidence.

Before I became a driving instructor I was a swimming instructor for 20yrs teaching all age ranges from babies to adults and loved every minute of it.

I’m a patient, calm and empathetic person who is observant to people’s energy.
This allows me to adapt my teaching style to best suit each individual, helping them to overcome any difficulties they may experience, especially when it comes to reducing anxiety or feeling overwhelmed.

I have 2 children and in my spare time I enjoy
Meditation, reiki and crystal healing.



Driving Instructor Barry

Barry Blackwood
You will be missed

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