Terms & Conditions 

At Steer we go learners Driving School: 

SWGL Driving School promises to deliver training to everybody, subject to them accepting the following terms and conditions. Driving Licence and Fitness to Drive: You must hold a current, valid driving licence or provisional licence, which must be produced on, or in advance of, your first driving lesson. You must meet the requirements to be legally and medically fit to drive. 

The client’s ability to read a number plate at the statutory 20.5 meters at the first lesson will be tested by an instructor. The use of glasses or contact lenses is allowed where appropriate. If a client is required to wear glasses or contact lenses to drive but attends a lesson without wearing them, the lesson will be cancelled or terminated. If a client is taking medication or prescription drugs that might affect their ability to drive, it is their responsibility to inform the instructor before the lesson starts. 

Training Location: 

Unless an alternative arrangement has been made, each lesson will start from and finish at the same location. 

The instructor will decide on a suitable location for the practical lessons to proceed, ensuring the safety of the client and the general public is not endangered. This may mean in some cases, that the instructor will need to drive to and from the lesson location, with this journey time forming part of the lesson. 

Driving Tests and Bookings:

 We advise that you always consult with your instructor first, before booking your practical driving test. This is so they can check their diary to ensure the car is free. If you fail to do so, it may result in your instructor being unable to guarantee availability for your test. 

You must then notify your instructor when a booking has been made. If a SWGL Driving school car is needed for the test, the booking period will be based on the instructor’s normal diary schedule, so you will require a minimum booking length of two hours on the time of the test. If our instructor deems that the provision for using a driving school vehicle might cause a risk to public safety, they reserve the right to refuse the use of a driving school vehicle for the test. If our instructor considers the candidate to not be at test standard, the driving instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of a driving school vehicle for the test. Your instructor cannot and will not be held responsible for test appointments that are cancelled by the DVSA for any reason. It is the full responsibility of the customer for taking all necessary documentation to the practical driving test. Failure to do so could result in the cancellation of the test. SWGL Driving School will make every effort to maintain their vehicles to a high standard. Your driving instructor cannot and will not be responsible for any mechanical or electrical faults that might happen before, or during your practical test.  


If you decide to stop your lessons before completing a discounted block of lessons, you will be charged in full for completed lessons and the rest will be refunded. Payment by cash or cheque direct to your instructor (any cheque must be made payable to your instructor). SWGL Driving School has no responsibility or liability to you for payments made by any other means. If you pay your instructor directly by any method, you should obtain a receipt. SWGL Driving School accepts no responsibility for any payments made directly to instructors. All instructors our self employed not employed.

Block Booking/Bundles:
If Block booking is suspended for more than 8 weeks the money shall be fore fitted.

Your Rights: 

SWGL Driving School Instructors will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Our instructors may greet you with a handshake, but otherwise, they will avoid physical contact with clients except in the case of an emergency. 

Our instructors reserve the right to decide against giving tuition in accordance with legislation on discrimination of the Driving Standards Agency Code of Practice for Approved Driving Instructors.  


 Our instructors will be left with no option but to charge for failure to provide adequate notice for cancelling a lesson. This period of notice is at least 48 hours. If a customer does not provide adequate notice for cancelling a lesson, they will be charged for any loss of revenue. This may be the cost of the lesson or the loss of entitlement to prepaid or free lessons. If you decide to cancel your lesson due to weather conditions at short notice the lesson will be chargeable. 


Whilst every care will be taken to ensure that the pupil receives the training at the requested time and with the instructor as booked, all bookings are made on the understanding that Hero driving school instructor is not responsible for the postponement of training due to adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown of equipment, absence or sickness of staff or any other cause beyond our control. SWGL Driving School is not responsible for Driving Tests appointments postponed by the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency.

Personal Property:

Naturally every endeavor is made to safeguard the personal property of any trainee, but SWGL driving school instructor points out that the school accepts no liability whatsoever for jewellery, cash, clothing, mobile phones or any other property left in the training vehicle.

Damage to the School Vehicle:

During your driving lessons, the Instructor will make every effort to avoid damage to the vehicle. If the Instructor considers that you were driving in an unsafe way despite best efforts made and actual damage is caused by your negligence, then you will be expected to pay half towards repairs up to the level of excess towards the driving tuition policy. This will be discussed at the time of the damage.
During your Driving Test, the Examiner will not prevent you from hitting the kerb or causing minor damage to the car. Therefore all damage caused whilst on Test will be charged to you the pupil up to the full level of excess on the driving tuition policy.


Our instructors promise to make every effort to teach you to the highest standard possible. However, they cannot and will not be held liable for any errors that customers commit whilst driving and/or whilst unaccompanied by our instructor before, during or after the test. Our instructors cannot and will not be held responsible for any speeding fines or infringement fines. These are the sole responsibility of the customer. 


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